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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located? 

We are located in the heart of Miramar, Wellington. 60 Miramar Avenue on the corner of Stone Street and Miramar Ave. However, we are also offer an "in-home" service for those clients who are unable to make it into the office. 

You say that you provide an “in-home” service. What does this mean? 

If you cannot make it to our office in Miramar and your documentation needs to be signed in our presence, we do have the ability to meet with you at your home or office (subject to our availability).  Just remember to let us know at the time of engagement that you require us to come to you.

I am overseas. Can you help me with the legal requirements to sell my house in New Zealand? 

Yes, of course we can. If you are located in New Zealand or abroad we charge the same fees for selling your house but you do not get our “in-home” service! 

My Mum is in a Rest Home in Wellington and needs a new will. Are you able to visit her? 

Yes, of course. We think our service is ideal for people who are unable to leave their home easily.  Just remember that your Mum will have to give us clear instructions prior to attending to her.

I don't see your fees listed anywhere? How will I know how much it will cost?  

We are very transparent with our fees. Most of our costs are "set fees"  so we are happy to provide you our fees for straightforward matters over the phone or send you our letter of engagement.





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